Wednesday 1 November 2006
favicon Defiant Iran, by Christopher de Bellaigue (The New York Review of Books 01/11)
At the begin­ning of 2002, President George W. Bush tried to punish Iran for sup­porting anti-Israel mil­i­tants, for refusing to adopt a Western-style democ­racy, and for allegedly trying to pro­duce weapons of mass destruc­tion. He included Iran, along with Iraq and North Korea, in the “axis of evil.” Among for­eign diplo­mats and jour­nal­ists in Tehran, it became fash­ion­able to speak of the coming “implo­sion” of the Islamic Republic, Iran’s rev­o­lu­tionary state. Weakened by a power struggle between reformists and con­ser­va­tive hard-liners, Iran was now, or so it was said, acutely vul­ner­able to the sort of threat that the United States, whose forces had easily top­pled the Taliban and scat­tered al-Qaeda, seemed to rep­re­sent. (...)
Source : The New York Review of Books
Thème(s) : Iran