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favicon Living where you do not make the rules, by Robert H. Wade (Le Monde diplomatique 06/02)
The average income of Jewish Israelis (at market exchange rates) is around $40,000; that of Arab Israelis $13,000; that of West Bankers $3,700. To put the fig­ures in his­tor­ical con­text, at the end of the Second World War, Jews accounted for about 34% of the pop­u­la­tion of his­toric or British Mandate Palestine, Arabs, 66%; the average income of the Jews was about twice that of Arabs. Though today’s pop­u­la­tion ratio is almost equal, the average income of the Israelis is about 11 times that of the West Bankers. Few places in the world have a long land border with such a large average income dis­parity on the two sides. Palestine has fallen a long way behind. (...)
Source : Le Monde diplomatique
Thème(s) : israel, palestine, developpement, Économie, domination, controle, Colonialisme