Monday 16 March
favicon Ten years on, Lebanon’s ’Cedar Revolution’, by Sharmine Narwani (Russia Today Op-Edge 16/03)
Ten years ago this week, one mil­lion Lebanese – a quarter of Lebanon’s pop­u­la­tion – con­gre­gated in down­town Beirut at Martyr’s Square, demanding the depar­ture of Syrian forces from their ter­ri­tory.
The Lebanese love a good party, and this was the biggest, boldest, brassiest the country had ever seen. The color theme was the red and white of Lebanon’s flag; the crowds, embold­ened by their num­bers, swayed in a patri­otic rave; they chanted the slo­gans beloved by today’s young “rev­o­lu­tion­aries”: Independence, Democracy, Freedom, Sovereignty, Truth, Justice. (...)
Source : Russia Today Op-Edge
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